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Abrasive Belt for Grinding And Polishing

  • 60305
  • TW6030520191230
  • 60305
  • FOB Shanghai, USD/pc
  • color knot

size table

60305.B60400CBelt Sander Belts60x400mmAl OxCoarse3
60305.B60400MBelt Sander Belts60x400mmAl OxMedium3
60305.B60400FBelt Sander Belts60x400mmAl OxFine3
60305.B75457CBelt Sander Belts75x457mmAl OxCoarse3
60305.B75457MBelt Sander Belts75x457mmAl OxMedium3
60305.B75457FBelt Sander Belts75x457mmAl OxFine3
60305.B75533CBelt Sander Belts75x533mmAl OxCoarse3
60305.B75533MBelt Sander Belts75x533mmAl OxMedium3
60305.B75533FBelt Sander Belts75x533mmAl OxFine3
60305.B100610CBelt Sander Belts100x610mmAl OxCoarse3
60305.B100610MBelt Sander Belts100x610mmAl OxMedium3
60305.B100610FBelt Sander Belts100x610mmAl OxFine3
60305.B4577540Belt Sander Belts75x457mmAl Ox40G1
60305.B4577560Belt Sander Belts75x457mmAl Ox60G1
60305.B4577580Belt Sander Belts75x457mmAl Ox80G1
60305.B4577512Belt Sander Belts75x457mmAl Ox120G1
60305.B4807580Belt Sander Belts75x480mmAl Ox80G1
60305.B5337540Belt Sander Belts75x533mmAl Ox40G1
60305.B5337560Belt Sander Belts75x533mmAl Ox60G1
60305.B5337580Belt Sander Belts75x533mmAl Ox80G1
60305.B5337512Belt Sander Belts75x533mmAl Ox120G1
60305.B561040Belt Sander Belts100x560mmAl Ox40G1
60305.B561060Belt Sander Belts100x560mmAl Ox60G1
60305.B561080Belt Sander Belts100x560mmAl Ox80G1
60305.B5610120Belt Sander Belts100x560mmAl Ox120G1
60305.B611040Belt Sander Belts100x610mmAl Ox40G1
60305.B611060Belt Sander Belts100x610mmAl Ox60G1
60305.B611080Belt Sander Belts100x610mmAl Ox80G1
60305.B6110120Belt Sander Belts100x610mmAl Ox120G1
60305.B9151040Belt Sander Belts100x915mmAl Ox40G1
60305.B9151060Belt Sander Belts100x915mmAl Ox60G1
60305.B9151080Belt Sander Belts100x915mmAl Ox80G1
60305.B9151012Belt Sander Belts100x915mmAl Ox120G1
60305.PFBAPowerfile Belts13x455mmAl OxAssorted5
60305.B4551340Powerfile Belts13x455mmAl Ox40G1
60305.B4551360Powerfile Belts13x455mmAl Ox60G1
60305.B4551380Powerfile Belts13x455mmAl Ox80G1
60305.B4551312Powerfile Belts13x455mmAl Ox120G1


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