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Hammer Chisel SDS-max Top SPADE MPP Level

Quality ranked MPP level, recommended for semi-professionals and DIY high quality
Shot--peened surface, 40Cr steel

  • 20223
  • TW2022320191230
  • 20223
  • FOB Shanghai, USD/pc
  • in plastic hanger pacakge

size table

Item No.Head TypeShaft shape x sizeOverall length(mm)
20223.401828 SPADE, 40MMCYLINDER, 18MM280
20223.401830 SPADE, 40MMCYLINDER, 18MM300
20223.401836 SPADE, 40MMCYLINDER, 18MM360
20223.401840 SPADE, 40MMCYLINDER, 18MM400
20223.401850 SPADE, 40MMCYLINDER, 18MM500
20223.401860 SPADE, 40MMCYLINDER, 18MM600
20223.501828 SPADE, 50MMCYLINDER, 18MM280
20223.501830 SPADE, 50MMCYLINDER, 18MM300
20223.501836 SPADE, 50MMCYLINDER, 18MM360
20223.501840 SPADE, 50MMCYLINDER, 18MM400
20223.501850 SPADE, 50MMCYLINDER, 18MM500
20223.501860 SPADE, 50MMCYLINDER, 18MM600
20223.801828 SPADE 80MMCYLINDER, 18MM280
20223.801830 SPADE 80MMCYLINDER, 18MM300
20223.801836 SPADE 80MMCYLINDER, 18MM360
20223.801840 SPADE 80MMCYLINDER, 18MM400
20223.801850 SPADE 80MMCYLINDER, 18MM500
20223.801860 SPADE 80MMCYLINDER, 18MM600


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