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Wood Flat Drill Bit-Hex Shaft

Non-slip Hexagonal shank,with a locking mechanism which is compatible with adaptors or chucks with a built-in 'quick-release' feature.

  • 20506
  • 20506
  • skin packaging

size table

Item No.TypeSpecifications
20506.06FLAT BIT6mm X 152mm
20506.08FLAT BIT8mm X 152mm
20506.10FLAT BIT10mm X 152mm
20506.11FLAT BIT11mm X 152mm
20506.12FLAT BIT12mm X 152mm
20506.13FLAT BIT13mm X 152mm
20506.14FLAT BIT14mm X 152mm
20506.16FLAT BIT16mm X 152mm
20506.17FLAT BIT17mm X 152mm
20506.18FLAT BIT18mm X 152mm
20506.19FLAT BIT19mm X 152mm
20506.20FLAT BIT20mm X 152mm
20506.22FLAT BIT22mm X 152mm
20506.24FLAT BIT24mm X 152mm
20506.25FLAT BIT25mm X 152mm
20506.26FLAT BIT26mm X 152mm
20506.28FLAT BIT28mm X 152mm
20506.30FLAT BIT30mm X 152mm
20506.32FLAT BIT32mm X 152mm
20506.35FLAT BIT35mm X 152mm
20506.38FLAT BIT38mm X 152mm


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