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Wood Flat Drill Bit-Hex Shaft

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Non-slip Hexagonal shank,with a locking mechanism which is compatible with adaptors or chucks with a built-in 'quick-release' feature.
  • 20506

Product Description

Flat wood drill bit with center tip and two side  cutters for easy and fast drilling, suitable for drilling holes in  medium-hard and soft woods as well as light building materials  such as plaster board, etc.

Product Size Sheet

Size Sheet
Art No.TypeDiameter(mm)Overall length(mm)
20506.06FLAT BIT6152
20506.08FLAT BIT8152
20506.10FLAT BIT10152
20506.11FLAT BIT11152
20506.12FLAT BIT12152
20506.13FLAT BIT13152
20506.14FLAT BIT14152
20506.16FLAT BIT16152
20506.17FLAT BIT17152
20506.18FLAT BIT18152
20506.19FLAT BIT19152
20506.20FLAT BIT20152
20506.22FLAT BIT22152
20506.24FLAT BIT24152
20506.25FLAT BIT25152
20506.26FLAT BIT26152
20506.28FLAT BIT28152
20506.30FLAT BIT30152
20506.32FLAT BIT32152
20506.35FLAT BIT35152
20506.38FLAT BIT38152

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